India Kicks Walmart Tesco Incursion

Bharti Walmart India is funded by Lady Lynn Rothschild which is the direct descendent of the monsters that owned the British East India Company. Metro AG, LIDL in India, Tesco, carrefour are just the mere extensions of the same evil creature that intends to bleed all the people of the planet so they would either serve them till the end of time or die off in the elaborate traps that they have set up for generations. They are invading the country using various lies, and deception which is aimed at the common people of the country who are going to be slaves at a whole new level. These monsters will never stop because this is how their cult has operated for thousands of years. They thrive on the misery of other people, and they constantly create traps for them so their dark reign can continue. But evil can never continue, and their annihilation is inevitable.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India

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