UNI Global Union – The Controlled Adversary

The “Zealots” original terrorist of the planet have used the deceptive war tactic of “Controlled Opposition” for generations to manipulate, and destroy countless people for generations to feed their near infinite greed. Bharti Walmart India is the direct resultant of that greed that has found its great success built on the same demonic ideal of corruption that zealots have mastered. The greatest trick to subdue their opponents is the create a mindset that there is someone out there fighting for people which makes all the people docile, and complacent. This is the opportunity that the zealots create for themselves by making the people into sheep who never fight back, and when someone never fights back then they can be harvested easily.

UNI Global Union
UNI Global Union

The clear deception used in the media is wide spread which is the form of deception that is used by zealots to subdue their opponents by the power of confusion. They use the language in such a way that people tend to think that the controlled opposition is actually working for them but in reality they are hiding the truth in plain sight. It is all about using the language in such a manner that most people are not able to notice the deception.  This is the part of intellectual terrorism used by zealots for generations, and they keep manipulating people around them so they can feed off their lives forever.

UNI Global Union
UNI Global Union

The slick trick begin by saying the truth which can be seen above. Walmart has used many coercive tactics to manipulate their suppliers so they can pay them less each time, and create such strong conditions that they end up going out of business eventually. This is the disgusting technique used by the zealots instinctively so they can profiteering off the lives of the masses. At the end of the statement in the above picture you can clearly see that they are writing off other similar retailers like Tesco, LIDL etc in a slick way so that they can hide their collective evil.

Bharti Walmart India
Bharti Walmart India


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