Main Stream Media: A Weapon of the Pseudo Elites

The media has been the perfect weapon for the Pseudo Elites known as Zealots who have been corrupting the world with their evil for generations. They have been eating away at humanity for thousands of years, and they have no intentions of stopping their corruption. Bharti Walmart India is the product of that evil which intends to keep the people of the world enslaved for generations to come. This is an evil system of profiteering which is never going to stop until their dark core is destroyed. They have been warping the minds of their prey for generations by controlling the information flowing in the world to hide their atrocities. They have successfully suppressed many allegations against them even in the court of law by information warfare. They create constant confusion so that they can be set free with reasonable doubt. Yes, doubt is the perfect way out in the court of law if enough confusion can be created. This is the reason why the zealots have escaped their demise for hundreds of years without many people noticing because they just want to go on with their lives, and not have to fight against a great evil.

Bharti Walmart India
Bharti Walmart India

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