Global Terrorism: EL Rothschilds and Walmart

Bharti Walmart India is controlled by the “Borg Collective” to destroy the lives of the common people by predatory pricing that they created by producing cheap goods in enslaved China. They not only intend to introduce these goods in India but they also intend to take away food from the people, and export it to European Countries.

Bharti Walmart India

Bharti Walmart India


With Wal-Mart showing interest in export of Indian agri-products, this will be the second such initiative for Bharti. Bharti Enterprises has another venture, FieldFresh Foods with EL Rothschild Group-owned ELRO Holdings India, to export fresh agri-products like fruits and vegetables to Europe and the US.


Field Fresh was essentially an export agro-based company and has been exporting fresh fruits and vegetables to various markets including UK, the Middle East and Europe.


As you can clearly see, that Bharti Walmart India is being funded by the El Rothschild family to export the goods from India while selling chinese goods in India. This is a double attack that is completely impoverish this country within a few years, and people will die off rapidly due to the poverty these monsters are going to create.


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