Quick profits over 14 yr old children as labor

Child slave labor has been used by the corporations that gave birth to Bharti Walmart India so that they can maintain their fraudulent status of fortune 500 company. All the people in the world are aware that these monsters are destroying humanity by enslaving children in countries like Saipan, Bangladesh, China, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Nicaragua and many other places on earth. These monsters have no remorse as they get away from their responsibilities, however it was their intention to destroy these civilizations to begin with as there are the enemies of humanity to begin with. They use all the human weaknesses of their enemies so they can manipulate the whole country forever, and the normal average people end up suffering in their evil web of deception till the end of time. They fix their own penalty that is to be paid over the millions they make from using children as cheap labor. They use the system against the people so no one in their web ever gets justice for the atrocities committed against them.

Bharti Walmart

Bharti Walmart


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